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The WCC E-Mail Club         
This group originally started out as a supplement to our former hard copy
Women's Community Connection - events, event changes, etc, that didn't
make the print edition showed up here. Now that the WCC is completely
digital, I'd like this list to serve as a discussion forum for community
issues and concerns, as well as event announcements. What's on your
mind? Tell us!
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Lilith’s Voice E-mail list
Imagine an e-mail list whose objective would be to discuss feminist, lesbian and
women's issues in an interesting, communicative, respectful and intelligent manner
without regard to one path of idea or another. This would not be a list for everyone, as one   
must be quick witted and willing to have their thoughts provoked!
Look no further!!  Be prepared to have your brain be entertained, enlivened and cajoled  
while doing the same to others.  One liners and diatribes are always welcome!
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Are you sick of lesbian email lists that give you a cramp in your delete
finger? Do you come home from a hard day's work to find your e-mail
box inundated with mindless drivel and one-liners?
Join us at S.C.A.M.P. Our membership abides by strict posting rules in
order to keep the quality of the conversation UP, and the mindless
emails OUT! If you are a bright, charming, witty, confident, lesbian
moping around in that lonely, pathetic headspace, wondering if you'll
ever meet anyone like yourself, look no further! At S.C.A.M.P. you will
connect with women of substance. Just visit our website at , and IF you're intelligent enough to make it
through the subscription process, you can join over 350 "local"
conversation, and who knows WHAT else!!
East Side Women’s
This is an e-mail list and social
planner for Arizona lesbian women
who live on the east side of the
valley, i.e. Mesa, Tempe, Chandler,
Gold Canyon etc. Though this group
is geared to bringing a social
connection to the gay community on
the far east side of the valley, all
women in the community are
WREN is a PRIVATE, MEMBERS ONLY email list created for
sharing communications about recreational activities and
entertainment type events and networking for women in the
greater Phoenix metropolitan area which are planned, hosted, or
referred to the group by members of this list. Our main focus is
outdoor hiking and trips, but we are not limited to this.
This Group Charter will be to post only messages for recreational
activities and entertainment type event announcements to
members of this group. Please do not cross-post our messages
to other group lists.
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The West Valley
Lesbian Clique
Ok, this is a loose knit group
of women (not LOOSE
women - get your minds out
of the gutter) who live on the
west side of the Phoenix
Metro area. We get involved in
each others lives by sharing
who we are and what is
happening with us. Some of
us get together a couple of
times a month at various
Lesbians from other parts of
the valley are welcome to join
if they know how to not take
themselves (or us) too
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Arizona Lesbian List
This is the group of Arizona Lesbians that was started with the idea that rules are for
those who need them or want them. This is a group of mature women who want to be able
to express themselves openly without fear of reprisal. Thus the birth of this list occurred as
the second list created in Arizona for women.
This group was started in 1998 with a "no rules" idea and has had it's ups and downs but
stands at over 1000 members strong. Some months we get a lot of mail and some we get
"is this thing on?!?!?!" Either way it is an open and honest form of communication for the
women of Arizona.
If you join you must not be afraid of the delete key or people responding to posts you might
make. (not for the weak of heart!).
Welcome and enjoy our list as much as we have for the past eleven years!
Home page
WCC Webzine
Be on the WCC mailing list:
This is different from the above group, in that it's not interactive. It's just to remind you when
there is new content on the WCC website, and other relevant announcements.
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Singles Group
This is a place for single and available lesbian
women to connect. A safe haven in which to chat,
meetings, or to exchange e-mail addresses for a
more one on one converging of the minds. And
world. Singles only please. This list can only work
through participation. Let's date!
The Lesbian Connection AZ
A place where single lesbians can get to know each other at their
own pace. This is more than just your ordinary dating or singles
group. It's a place you can come to for social activities, dating tips
and advice. This group is created for lesbians in Arizona. However,
all are welcomed! Please make sure you are single! Subscribe
East Valley Sunday Coffee
This is a lesbian event group, that hosts a Sunday
East Valley of Phoenix. The purpose of this site it to
post events, gatherings, and social occasions that
other members may wish to participate in. Postings
do not require approval, because this is about the
people in the group. This group is about new and
interesting places. but make sure they can
accommodate our group. Lets see how this works,
other women.The focus of this group to post new
events, keep intouch, meet new friends, and have
fun doing it!
and other areas of AZ. Here's a link to a
"Lesbian Arizona" search: