The only exclusively lesbian-oriented publication in the Phoenix Area
Advertising in the Women's Community Connection is a great way
to target the lesbian market! Our rates are extremely reasonable,
because, being a small business ourselves, we know how difficult it
is to get a business up and running. We want to help you get your
business started, and to keep it going!
More Benefits of Advertising in the Women's
Community Connection (in case you weren't
convinced by the generous term discounts and
the above great deals)
      The lesbian market is actively looking for your goods and services. They
want to purchase your products. In order for them to do that, they need to be
aware of your business. How to accomplish that? Advertise in the Women’s
Community Connection, the only exclusively lesbian oriented publication in
the Phoenix area.
      According to marketing professionals, the most effective advertising is
that which goes directly to the targeted market. Niche marketing is
significantly more effective than sending your advertising message out to the
general public, most of which does not harbor a predisposition towards
patronizing your business just because you are one of them. According to a
recent article in Entrepreneur Magazine, the most successful advertisers
pinpoint the narrowest possible target for their ad campaigns and choose the
publications that meet them most specifically. An added advantage of this
approach is that these specialized publications usually charge far less for
their advertising space.
      The lesbian/gay market is a loyal one. As the publisher of a lesbian
magazine, I receive many phone calls from readers seeking a ‘family friendly’
business to provide whatever goods/services they are searching for, if such
goods and services are not already advertised in the WCC. These callers are
hoping I know of a business that meets their needs and that I can give them a
      The other key to marketing success is frequency. Taking a hit and miss
approach to advertising generally fails. Every time a prospective
customer/client sees your ad, it registers in their consciousness a little
stronger. When the time comes that these potential customers/clients need
your goods and/or services, they know right where they have seen your ad,
and that is where they go. If your ad isn’t there, somebody else gets their
      If you have any questions, contact Sherrie Nist (Publisher), 480-946-5570,,
Advertise in the Women's Community Connection
Local Content
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Version 2 of 120 x 240 pixels
    If you do not
have camera ready
ad copy, WCC can
create an ad for
you.  Just tell us
what it should say,
how you want it to
look, supply any
logos or graphics
you want to use, and
we’ll do the rest.
Cost of this service
is $40 an hour (about
half the going rate at
places like Copy Max
and Kinko’s), 1 hour
minimum.  Ads rarely
take longer than an
hour. Any work
required for an ad,
other than pasting or
dropping it in, is
considered desktop
publishing services.
Do you have a business but no advertising budget?
The WCC wants to help. We barter, so if we can possibly use your product/service, email and we'll see what we can we can work out.
You can't afford not to advertise!!
    All advertising should
be camera ready, which
means that your ad can be
used "as is," with no
editing required.
    WCC/Zodiac Publishing
does not resume
responsibility for
unsatisfactory results due
to poor quality artwork.
    Ads can start at any
time; there's no monthly

  Make checks payable to
WCC. Mail to
WCC, 2544 N.
Champlain Ave., Tempe, AZ
.  Ads may be sent
through the postal service
or to

mmunitycon Ads sent
electronically  should be a  
Microsoft Publisher file, a
.psd file (Photoshop
document),  an Adobe
Acrobat file, or a .jpeg file.
For more information, call  
Sherrie Nist/WCC at
  Advertising can also be
paid for through PayPal.
Send your payment to

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